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  1. Confirmatory Diagnosis Center will provide open services and counsels to all of the medical centers in Taiwan for confirmatory diagnosis of Fabry disease, which include gene mutation analysis and enzyme activity assay. This center also provides the pathology/physiology/medical genetics education or meeting of Fabry disease or related lysosomal storage disorders for everyone. Translational Research Center will provide translational study design (including study power calculation and sample size determination) and demonstration to assist researcher to conduct high quality of translational study of Fabry disease.
  2. Though the Bio-Sample Bank, high quality samples from patients will be collected and provided for related translational medicine research in Fabry (after the approval from the research user committee), thereby facilitating all types of research.
  3. The works of Data Management Center include establishment of electronic questionnaire system, capturing data from remote sites, data entry, data validation and data storage and security maintenance. The center will provide high quality and security clinical data of patients to researchers and help speedy data analysis.
  4. The services of Clinical Research (trial) Center include clinical study design, protocol writing, preparation of case report form (CRF) and informed consent form, documents for IRB approval and subject recruitment. Find local or international pharmaceutical company to support or to evaluate the clinical trials.
  5. The center may provide platform of bio-markers, patient’s cell lines, chaperon and RNA modulator to establish a high throughput drug/compound screening system for therapeutic drugs development.

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